Product Use Set & Maintenance

Posted by markstar 23/05/2017 0 Comment(s)


Q1: Can I use the servo arm of other brand on MKS servo?

A1: No, applying non MKS arm might cause the interference, or the arm might be slippery and cause crash.



Q2: What is the most suitable hole to use for the rudder servo?

A2: Please use the hole of the arm that the distance is 10mm from output gear. This hole can make the rudder servo in best performance and make the loading to the lowest.



Q3: How long should I maintain the servo?


A3: Every 4~6 months, the gearbox should be maintained at least one time. Also, to prevent from gear being locked, if you feel the speed or torque of the servo dropped, please maintain the gear immediately. MKS has released the gear grease for RC modelers. The MKS gear grease is suitable for servo gears from every brand, and it is good for metal spare parts of all models. 



Q4: While I maintain the gearbox, I am afraid that the warranty sticker might be torn, what should I do?

A4: Maintaining the gearbox won’t damage the warranty sticker, you only have to take apart of the upper case and the middle case, and this won’t harm the sticker.



Q5: My rudder servo is very hot after the flight, is it safe?

A5: The temperature of the rudder or swash plate servo will be higher after a flight. It is a normal phenomenon if the temperature goes up within 30 degree. The highest temperature of the servo case of a coreless motor might reach to 80°C, and the brushless motor might reach to 100°C. It could shorten the lifespan of the servo if the servo temperature is too high. For better heat dissipating, please do not expose the servo under the sun too long. Moreover, please do not touch the servo case after flights.