DS4X0 series / DS530 / DS545 FAQ

Posted by markstar 23/05/2017 0 Comment(s)


Q1: Can I use more than 5V on DS450, DS460, DS470, DS480, DS530 and DS545? Will this cause any damage to the servo?


A1: Yes, applying overloaded voltage will shorten the life time of the servo. Please use BEC to lower the voltage to 4.8V~5.0V.  DS450, DS460, DS470, DS480, DS530 and DS545 were designed for helicopter use, and the standard voltage output of the BEC is 5.0V. Therefore, we set the motor curve to the best performance from 4.8V~5.0V



Q2: What type of servo are DS530 and DS545? Are they digital or analog? Why they only support 80Hz, how about 333Hz?


A2: DS530 and DS545 are digital servos. However, the digital servos have been developed for about 10 years, and they are early version of digital servos. When they combined with nowadays technique, some incompatibilities may occur. Actually, the DS545 and DS530 are designed as digital servo and should be compatible with 333Hz; but some nowadays gyros maybe incompatible with them in 333Hz. Therefore, we advised our customer to use 80Hz for easier usage.