DS1210 / DS1009 FAQ

Posted by markstar 23/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Q1: What is RTR and RTF servo?


A1: RTR(Ready to Run) and RTF(Ready to Fly) servos are designed for starters, usually installed in toys.  For instance, MKS DS1210 and DS1009 are RTR and RTF servos.



Q2: I want to use DS1210/DS1009, what class of helicopter should I install?


A2: DS1210/1009 is most suitable for RC model starters. Their size is identical to the STD servos.



Q3: Why is that DS1210 not suitable for FBL system?


A3: If applied the DS1210 to FBL system, the life time of the servo will be shorten due to the characteristic of the motor.



Q4: What class of fixed-wing airplane is most suitable for DS1210?


A4: DS1210 is suitable for 30c.c~50c.c of fixed-wing airplane, especially for starter use.  DS1210 is not suitable for 3D flying aircraft or airplane with large flaps. DS1210 might cause trembling flaps because it is a highly responsive servo.


Q5: What scale of car is suitable for DS1210?


A5: DS1210 is suitable for 1/8、1/10 scale buggy and on-road car, and it is not good for racing usage.



Q6: What is the difference between DS1009 and DS1210?

A6: The speed of DS1009 is enhanced to 0.125s(4.8V) / 0.10s(6.0V), with the torque weaken a little bit to 7.04kg-cm(4.8V)/ 8.8kg-cm(6.0V).  DS1009 is a good choice for 500~600 class starter heli.



Q7: Some people use DS1210 on the airplane bigger than 50c.c and it seems fine, why MKS don’t approve this usage?


A7: The linear output curve of DS1210 is very suitable for helicopter; however, the curve of airplane varies a lot by different airplanes. Overloading use might cause crash easily.



Q8: Why is that DS1210/DS1009 has more limitation in using?


A8: DS1210/DS1009 is designed for starter and amateur users in helicopter. The characteristic of its motor is not suitable in high speed reaction usage. If you overload the servo in wrong usage, the motor will burnt easily.  For flying safety, please do not overload the servo.